Thursday, March 6, 2008

Terrorist Attack at Yeshiva Kills 8

A Palestinian terrorist opened fire at a central Jerusalem yeshiva late Thursday night, killing eight students and wounding 10 others. As security forces raced to the scene, the gunman fired round after round of ammunition into the library at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, one of the most prominent places of Jewish learning in Israel. About 80 students had gathered in the library to celebrate the Hebrew month of Adar II, which begins on Friday evening, when gunshots were heard. Thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza to celebrate, firing rifles into the air.

This act of terror is one of the most despicable in recent memory. Every time a civilian dies, it is a tragedy. When a terrorist goes into a place of religious learning, full of students as young as 18 who have nothing to do with the conflict at hand, it is incomprehensible. In times of war, there must be some things that are off limits. Such an act is not about politics, is not about religion, and is not about land. It is an act of hatred, and act of pure murder in cold blood. The purpose of this act was simply to kill Jews, and in this day and age, it is frightening to think that there are still people out there with such genocidal tendencies. Can there be hope for peace with a people who targets innocent students who simply want to spend their time in religious study? After todays horrific happening, my optimism is greatly shattered.

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