Friday, November 19, 2010

Extreme Antisemitism in the Daily Cal

Today, Friday November 19, a shocking and unacceptable op-ed appeared in Berkeley's student newspaper, the Daily Cal. In the article, entitled "War With Iran: New Excuse, Same Conclusion", Matthew Soldad makes the claim that American Jews "aligned with Israel" with a "lust for domination" are behind a scheme involving "subversion of the Republican party" and "baiting American leadership" into going to war for economic gain.

This type of language draws directly from classic antisemitic blood libel, tapping into the themes of subversion, dual loyalty, and control of the economy.

The author, Matthew Soldad, has apparently been at work contributing antisemitic articles to school newspapers before, with an article about Hitler being a Jewish Zionist in the CSUN Daily Sundial in September of this year.

It is absolutely deplorable that the student newspaper at the University of California, Berkeley would print such bigoted dribble. The Daily Californian must immediately apologize to the Jewish community, ensure consequences for the editor responsible, and take steps to ensure that this kind of blatant racism is never published again.

Please email a letter to the Daily Cal at, and clearly make your voice heard that this is completely unacceptable.