Thursday, September 2, 2010

Israeli civilians murdered; Peace talks not looking promising

This past Tuesday, Hamas terrorists shot to death four Jews who were driving in a car at the Bani Naim junction in Judea. While this massacre would be a tragedy at any time, it is especially troubling on the eve of the peace talks scheduled to begin between Israel and the PA.

Hamas opposition to peace talks of any kind is stated explicitly in its charter, which claims that the only road forward is violence with the aim of obliterating the Jewish state. Any peace deal with the PA will not speak for Hamas, which currently controls the Gaza region.

The American-backed PA is often referred to as more moderate, but many question its commitment to peace as well. A couple of days ago it honored a mother for raising children who became terrorists and killed Israeli civilians. PA television recently aired a broadcast that told Jews to leave Israel (their ancient homeland), and to return to Europe and Ethiopia. And PA president Abbas said that if the upcoming peace talks fail, Israel will be to blame unless it meets the preconditions that the PA demands.

The nation of Israel waits eagerly and prays that after 62 long years, the Palestinian leadership will finally be a sincere partner for peace.