Monday, December 10, 2007

Israel 360

On November 29, Tikvah SFI hosted its first event: Israel 360. Over 100 people filled the Tan Oak room in the MLK, Jr. Student Union for the event.

Participants chowed down on Falafel and Shwarma from Holy Land Restaurant before the presentation.

Elliot Mathias, Director of Hasbara Fellowships, gave an engaging presentation full of interesting facts about Israel.

The anti-Israel extremists on campus have made a big fuss over it.

On his blog, Yaman Salahi, the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine, calls the event the "The MTV version of Israel." He proceeds to attack the neutrality of the presentation by pointing, fallaciously, to other materials from Hasbara Fellowships he considers biased.

The reality is that he can't refute even one fact in the presentation.

When people are presented with the facts and not patently false propaganda, the anti-Israel extremists lose. We plan to continue to present the facts to Cal students.

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Good work!